How 5-Step Learning Process and Peer-Coaching through LSPLC Help Elevate Computer Ability in Painting Program of Grade 1 Slow Learners

Computer Teacher
SatitPattana School

Background and Problems:

As a novice teacher in of what school??. I had to help grade 1 students develop a sound foundation in computer literacy. I found it difficultin helpingsome students who were very slow in working on drawing program. Simultaneously, my school provided me withopportunities toacquire and adopt LS (Lesson Study) and PLC (Professional Learning Community) which are presently implemented the school development strategies.I redesigned my lesson plans by applying 5-Step Learning Process and Peer – Coaching activity in a class composing of groups of 4 diversified -activity students to assist slow learning students and the learning of whole class

The objectives of this study are to analyze:

1)Analyze important aspects of the lesson plan redesign to assist slow learning students and also the whole class of grade1 students,

2) Analyze thechanges of slow learning students and their relationship with their peers,

3) Analyze the learning outcomes and the changes of students’ skill in terms of analytic thinking as well as the learning achievementin drawing after using Painting Program

Target Group: of  22 Grade 1 students comprising

– 11 slow learning students, and

– 11 with average learning ability

Study Instruments:

1)Drawing Test through Computer Painting Program,

2) Quality Assessment Rubrics of the students’outputs,

3) Students’ Learning Behaviors Observation Form, and

4) Self Evaluation of Peer –Coaching Ability

5) Teacher Learning Logs.

The findings were as follows:

1) Three lessons were redesigned by using 5-step learning process and peer –coaching activity in a small group of 4 diversified – ability students.

2)All the 11 slow learning students had increscent learning to active and collaborative learning. They accepted and improved their outputs based on peer feedback. At the sametime, the students who did the peer – coaching were willing andwere fullyresponsiblefor assisting their friends’ learning and accomplishing their outputs with quantity and quality.

3) Having worked collaboratively through the cycles of LS in PLC with my buddy teacher who teaches arts in grade 1, I assumed that my professional learning and practice hasdeveloped effectively as planned.