Self-Discipline Development of Kindergarten III Students by 5-Step Learning Process and Group Activities through Lesson Study (LS) with Professional Learning Community. (PLC)

Miss Nirunrut  Punprasit
Satit Pattana school
Bangkok, Thailand

Background and Problems

Our school managed its teaching and learning process to meet the high expectation of the parents.  Fortunately, our school administrators are the new generation of educational leaders.  New approaches and practices in educational advancement are always acquired and applied to our classroom teaching and learning. Consequently, there are reasons why Lesson Study (LS) and Professional Learning Community (PLC) are to be adopted and practiced in our school to cope with the needs and expectation of the parents and to pioneer new theoretical and  practical concepts of classroom teaching and learning.

Self-discipline was an important habit needed to be developed in kindergarten students. As a kindergarten III teacher, I was supported to work on my desire, to develop self discipline to my students by applying  5-Step Learning Process and Group Activity through Lesson Study (LS) with Professional Learning Community (PLC) at  Satit Pattana school.


The study objective was  :

To study and achieve in developing Self-discipline of kindergarten III students by employing 5-Step Learning Process and Group Activity through Lesson Study with Professional Learning Community (PLC).

Target Group :

24 kindergarten III students of Satit Pattana school.

Study Instruments :

  1. A Self-Discipline Observation Guideline form.
  2. 4 Redesigned Lesson Plans.
  3. A Discipline Board showing agreements on codes of conduct between students and teachers.

The findings were as follows :

  1. All 24 students have developed the 4 keys of self-discipline behaviors, which are “Health and Cleanliness Consciousness”, “Punctuality”, “Self-Control”, and “Speaking Manners”. Out of 24, 17 students have developed their self-discipline up to a high level and 7 students have reached a moderate level.
  2. Supporting all students to construct and agree on codes of conduct together and then collaborately posted the agreed codes on the Discipline Board in front of the class. Doing so, help students improve their self-discipline.
  3. Collaboration in redesigning lessons in terms of lesson study with buddy teachers and other PLC members supported my professional learning and practice effectively.